L'go Pistooli

story so far...

L'go Pistooli started to make music together in the Summer of 2000. The first EP, For Boogie Babes and Lover Boys came out in 2001. The EP features guest performances by Aija Puurtinen and Esa Kuloniemi from the band HBTB and one track has vocals by the mysterious Tiger Tuesday. In 2001 Pistooli also mixed and produced a track named D-Day for 22-Pistepirkko's Rally of Love album.

In 2002 Pistooli released a seven inch single and their first CD. The Dubber's Sketchbook of The Galaxy got good reviews in finnish music papers.

The latest release is a song titled "Kunto" that's featured in the Kääntö Records' 3rd Anniversary promo compilation.